2016 Vietnamese Moon Festival


Inala Community House is honoured to be invited as part of the 2016 Vietnamese Moon Festival (Tet Trung Thu) organised by Vietnamese Community in Australia, Queensland Chapter (VCA-QLD) (www.vcaqld.org.au).

2016 Vietnamese Moon Festival

DATE: Saturday 24th September 2016

TIME: 4pm-9pm

VENUE: CJ Greenfield Sports Complex – Freeman Road, Richlands


Vietnamese Moon Festival (Tet Trung Thu) is a significant traditional family-friendly festival commonly held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, when the moon is at its fullest. The Festival aims to promote Vietnamese culture, education, innovative ideas, music, sports, arts and crafts and poetry to all members of the public.

Thank you to our Inala Community House Community (ICH) Engagement Services team – Haley Kiata and Leah Nguyen – for organising a stall to promote our various ICH services at this largely popular public event. Besides providing essential information about our services, ICH also offered free face-painting that was well-received by the public.

Children were also encouraged to join our ICH stall’s colouring contest while our staff had the opportunity to communicate with parents and families. Attractive prizes were also given out to little winners of our colouring contest.


ICH Community Engagement Manager Haley Kiata (most left) giving out prize to one of our winners.

Besides our ICH stall, there were various other interesting stalls at the Vietnamese Moon Festival. Other highlights included lion dance, traditional costumes parade, martial arts performance, fireworks and distribution of free gift bags and lanterns.

Thank you again to everyone who came to support ICH during the event. We look forward to next year’s Vietnamese Moon Festival!

JOIN Inala Community House offering various free and fun programs to serve all members of our local community.  For more information, contact us: info@ich.org.au | (07) 3372 1711.

2016 Child Protection Family Fun Day



Inala Community House Family Intervention Service (FIS) and Western Districts Out of Home Care services successfully co-organised this year’s Family Fun Day on Wednesday 21st September, in celebration of Queensland Child Protection Week.

From 4-10 September 2016, Queensland Child Protection Week (www:childprotectionweek.org.au) was coordinated by the Child Protection Week Committee under the auspicing body of ACT for Kids.

 “Child Protection Week is an important opportunity for our communities to promote the value of children and young people by focusing attention on the prevention of child abuse and neglect,” said Lorraine Dupree, Queensland Child Protection Week Chair. (source)

This year’s Family Fun Day was a free public event with various stallholders providing child-friendly interactive activities, also useful information to support children’s safety and health development.

Moreover, Family Fun Day provided a valuable opportunity for families to communicate with government agencies, as well as local non-profit community groups within the Inala and Forest Lake regions:

  • Inala Community House – Family Steps
  • Inala Community House – Western Districts Out of Home Care
  • Inala Child Safety Service Centre
  • Forest Lake Child Safety Service Centre
  • Kummara Association
  • Foster Care Queensland
  • Mercy
  • Mission Australia
  • Probation & Parole
  • Youth Housing and Reintegration Services (YHARS)
  • Indigenous Family and Child Support Service (IFACSS)
  • Anglicare
  • Kurbingui Youth Development Association
  • Churches of Christ
  • Queensland Rail
  • Good Start Early Learning Centre
  • Life Without Barriers
  • Lions Inala
  • Family Inclusion Network


During this year’s Family Fun Day, live performances were held included highland dancing, hip hop dancing, Polynesian cultural dancing, free-style rap sessions and R&B singers.


A live magic performance to entertain the children and their families.

There were a great variety of exciting activities and informative stalls including arts and crafts, balloon making, petting zoo, pony rides and more.


Thank you to our wonderful Inala Community House staff members who contributed to the success of this year’s Family Fun Day!

Overall, Family Fun Day successfully achieved its goal to promote awareness about child safety and well-being within the community. It also helped to educate people to avoid stereotypes within the community.

Family Fun Day also provided a fun and happy experience for everyone involved, especially children who had experienced trauma in life. The event also aimed to improve family’s relationships, especially for families who were under the everyday stress of living in poverty.

For more information about Queensland Child Protection Week, visit www.childprotectionweek.org.au.

You can also make a difference by becoming a foster carer to support children in their time of need. Find out how by contacting Inala Community House (07) 3372 1711 or e-mail info@ich.org.au.

38th Musical Morning Tea Anniversary Celebration



Happy 38th Musical Morning Tea Anniversary Celebration!

On Monday 12th September 2016, the Inala Community House Musical Morning Tea was excited to celebrate its 38th anniversary.

Musical Morning Tea is a free, volunteer-based, community event that welcomes everyone of all ages and backgrounds to attend, notably seniors and people with special needs. For 38 years and counting, our Musical Morning Tea has benefitted over hundreds of public members by bringing great entertainment, food and fun.

More importantly, Musical Morning Tea provides a unique opportunity for social minorities like senior members and people with special needs to better connect with fellow community members. Both new and old friendships have been forged across many years. Overall, Musical Morning Tea is highly beneficial to promote the health and well-being of the individuals and the wider community.


A big hello to Ray Thompson and Barry Buchanan who have performed at Musical Morning Tea for many years. We thank them for their support and contribution to our community.


As per tradition, a delicious morning tea was generously provided to all. A big thank you to Terry Scott too for entertaining us with his beautiful singing.


In his speech, Inala Community House Managing Director Ross Paul officially congratulated Musical Morning Tea for its 38 years of achievements within the community.


“On behalf of the Council, we would like to congratulate and thank Inala Community House for its long-standing commitment to serve the community via Musical Morning Tea. There aren’t many community programs that can achieve such long-term sustainability. Musical Morning Tea provides a wonderful venue for the community to enjoy music and friendly company,” said the Councillor for Forest Lake Ward Charles Strunk.


Musical Morning Tea Coordinator Shirley Schneider shared the program history:

“Jule Wilkie first started Musical Morning Tea in 1978 in Inala for seniors to come together instead of having nothing to do at home. Jule was the Coordinator for 15 years while I was just a regular member with my granddad. Jule eventually persuaded me to replace her position, so I’ve been the next person-in-charge for 23 years and counting. Thank you again to all the volunteers, Inala Community House staff and everyone else who help run Musical Morning Tea across the years. Also thank you to everyone who attends our program.”


Thank you to Lachlan Nuttall, a media representative from Milton Dick’s office who brought in various desserts as token of appreciation.


Hello to 11-month-old Holly, our youngest Musical Morning Tea member. She regularly attends Musical Morning Tea with her grandma.


Thu Nguyen (member), Shirley Schneider (Coordinator) and Dawny Nguyen (member)

“I enjoy Musical Morning Tea and have made many precious good friends including Shirley the organiser,” said the 80-year-old Vietnamese Thu Nguyen who is a long-time member of Musical Morning Tea.

“We often enjoy singing, dancing and performing for the crowd,” said the 64-year-old member Dawny Nguyen.


The biggest thank you to our team of wonderful volunteers: Aileen, Terry, Shirley, Bert, Desmond and Josina.

 “I hope everyone had enjoyed themselves. Musical Morning Tea will be even bigger and better next year!” said Inala Community House staff Leah Nguyen.

For more information regarding Musical Morning Tea and Inala Community House, please visit http://www.ich.org.au, e-mail Haley.Kiata@ich.org.au or call (07) 3372 1711.

‘My Place’ Family Day Care: Book Week Playgroup


On Wednesday 7th September, ‘My Place’ Family Day Care organised a special playgroup session celebrating Children’s Book Week. We also encouraged our Coordinators, Educators and children to dress up as their favourite Australian book characters!

Established in 1945, The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) (www.cbca.org.au) is a not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation aiming to nurture a literate, educated and creative Australian society.

Every year, CBCA aims to connect children and books by celebrating Children’s Book Week across Australia. During this time, schools, libraries, booksellers, authors, illustrators and children celebrate Australian children’s literature.


This year’s Book Week theme is Australia: Story Country. The theme has the potential to involve cross-curriculum priorities, particularly regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture, Asian and other cultures from around the world.


Our playgroup started with a lively storytelling session by a special guest – Colleen McCarthy from the local Inala library. To warm up, Colleen first introduced herself and started singing a few children’s songs with some clapping and dancing too.

Colleen proceeded to tell two award-winning children’s stories:


Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas by Aaron Blabey

(The Book of the Year: Early Childhood 2016 Notable by CBCA)


Ollie and the Wind by Ronojoy Ghosh

(The Book of the Year: Early Childhood 2016 Notable by CBCA)


“I previously worked as a teacher for 25 years. I only recently started to work at Inala and West End libraries. I also visit Mission Australia and various schools to organise storytelling sessions. The best part about storytelling is you can create imaginary worlds through interesting stories and songs while engaging with the children in stimulating ways,” shared Colleen.

Colleen later distributed the Brisbane City Library brochures and encouraged our Educators to bring the children to local libraries especially during school holidays. You can find out the latest events here: https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/facilities-recreation/libraries/opening-hours-locations/inala-library.


The children had a free Play Session afterwards.


Educator Kerri Roughley with one of the three children in care.

Find out more ideas on how you can celebrate Book Week: https://cbca.org.au/book-week-activities

Reading and storytelling are great ways to spend time and bond with your child. They also help promoting language, literacy and brain development. To contact ‘My Place’ Family Day Care, please visit http://myplacefdc.org.au, e-mail FDCadmin@ich.org.au or call (07) 3372 1711.

NOW LAUNCHING: Harmony Web for Educators

‘My Place’ Family Day Care is excited to introduce the new Harmony Web (www.harmonykids.com.au) to our Educators!

Harmony Web software is widely used by thousands of Australian education and care services and Educators. It aims to simplify the management of services and the administration of payments and subsidies, especially for our Educators who run your own home-based businesses.

We are incredibly honoured to be chosen as one of the pioneering child care services to offer this new smart innovative feature to our Educators.

You will soon discover that Harmony Web is highly practical, user-friendly and time-saving – to help you in managing all administrative day-to-day operations as an Educator.

Starting 1st September 2016, we will start training and moving ‘My Place’ Educators online to the Educator’s version of Harmony!harmony

Some of the many great Harmony Web software benefits include:

  • Electronically submit timesheets
  • See current CCB% and changes
  • View current parent and child details
  • Complete booking / contract timesheets
  • Use a fee estimator that can factor in a great range of subsidy scenarios, including CCB, CCR and JFA
  • See fee schedules and bookings integrated with your Service– no need to import
  • Take advantage of planning tools including the ability to look at your bookings into the future

For more information, you can visit http://harmonykids.com.au/wp-content/uploads/207572-RBS-Educator-A4.pdf. FAQs for Educators: http://harmonykids.com.au/support/faqs-for-educators/.

‘My Place’ will work closely with Harmony to provide ongoing training and support to our Educators regarding the software.

We will shortly commence training in small groups (details to be confirmed) for you to become more confident and empowered in using Harmony. For existing Harmony users, we will also be in contact to show how you can transition to the new software.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our Finance and Administration team via phone (07) 3372 1711 or e-mail FDCadmin@ich.org.au today!

ICH & Brisbane Southwest Support: Sexual Violence Prevention in Inala

Sexual violence takes many forms including sexual harassment, verbal abuse, leering, threats, exposure, touching, incest, rape, mutilation and ritual abuse. Any sort of unwanted sexual behaviour that is imposed on someone is a form of sexual violence. Sexual violence is about the use of power or force to intimidate or control others.

Funded by the Department of Communities, Brisbane Southwest Support is a strategic partnership of specialist sexual assault services to provide innovative outreach support and sexual violence prevention to meet the needs of diverse communities. The services include:

  • Brisbane Rape and Incest Survivors Support Centre (BRISSC) – 07 3391 0004 (For Women)
  • Zig Zag – 07 3843 1823 (For Young Women 12-25 Years)
  • Immigrant Women’s Support Service (IWSS) – 07 3846 3490 (For Women from Migrant or Refugee Backgrounds)
  • Murrigunyah – 07 3290 4254 (For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women and Families)

ICH Logo Circle

Today, Inala Community House is excited to announce that our Community Support Program will be joining forces with Brisbane Southwest Support for greater sexual violence prevention in Inala.

Our aim is to offer confidential support and counselling for women who have experienced any form of sexual abuse or violence. We also work with advocacy, information and referrals.


If you or know someone who needs help, please come to our Sexual Violence Prevention Program at Inala Community House. You can contact Haley via phone (07) 3372 1711 or e-mail Haley.Kiata@ich.org.au.

For emergency, you can contact Sexual Assault Helpline (1800 010 12).

ICH Seniors Week Celebration

ICH Logo Circle


Happy Seniors Week!

Seniors Week is a key opportunity for Queenslanders of all ages to gather and celebrate the valuable contributions of older people. In 2016, Seniors Week will be celebrated from 13-21 August, with this year’s theme as ‘it’s on for young and old’.

Seniors Week aims to:

  • improve community attitudes towards older people and ageing
  • facilitate community participation and activity by older people, including those from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • enhance community connections and inter-generational relationships

At Inala Community House, we held our own Seniors Week celebration on 17th August (Wednesday) at ‘Our Place’ Hall (Cnr. Japonica & Robinia Streets, Inala). The celebration went from 11am-2pm and was well-attended by various members of our community, mainly our current members of Healthy Ageing Programs: Skylarkers and Acacia Ridge.

The biggest thank you to Council on the Ageing (COTA) as our main event contributor. COTA is the peak national organisation representing the rights, needs and interests of older Australians.

Also a special thank you to PCYC Inala for providing a bus to transport our senior guests for this event. We would also like to acknowledge our wonderful senior volunteer Bert Van Wyk as the bus driver. Bert is a successful example of staying active and contributing to our community even after retirement.


Our 50 & Better Healthy Ageing Program: Acacia Ridge participants enjoying themselves at the photobooth.


Say Hello to our ‘Thursday Crafters’!

If you would like to get creative, make crafts and good friends, come join our Craft Group every Thursday 9am-12pm at 20 Skylark Street, Inala.


More of our Healthy Ageing Program members buying raffle tickets in hope to win fantastic prizes.


Uncle Albert is a local Elder who launched the event with a ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony.


Councillor for Forest Lake Ward – Charles Strunk who gave a welcome speech highlighting our Queensland Government’s appreciation for the senior members in the society:

Thank you to all our senior members for the valuable knowledge and contributions towards our society over the years. We need your help to share your life experiences and wisdom that shape our histories to be passed across the generations. Also congratulations to Inala Community House for the recent renovation of your building, and for all the hard work that your organisation does in this area.


Next, we invited Managing Director of Inala Community House – Ross Paul for an official speech:

This year, Inala Community House is celebrating our 50th anniversary and the 38th anniversary of our Musical Morning Tea event. We would like to thank each of our senior members, especially those who have grown with Inala Community House over the years. Today is your day and enjoy yourselves.


The joyful crowd at the event.


I feel privileged to be able to celebrate the achievements of our wonderful seniors within the community. I would like to acknowledge your wisdom and contributions that you have made in the past and continue to make on a daily basis.

-our Community Engagement Manager Haley Kiata in her speech.


Thank you to Ana Roberts – a representative from Australian Hearing (https://www.hearing.com.au/) which is the nation’s leading hearing specialist and largest provider of Government funded hearing services.


Also thank you to the representatives of Amcal Chemist Inala for their information stall.


The main event highlight was a dazzling and lively performance by an Elvis impersonator – Pete Memphis.


Thank you to our wonderful participants (Michelle the carer from Inala Elders, and Aunty Bathalia) who spontaneously performed onstage with Pete Memphis.senior2

A free and delicious roast lunch was prepared for all guests.


Congratulations to Elaine who won the biggest raffle prize – an autographed album specially presented by Pete Memphis. Elaine is also one of our most active senior members and used to teach computer lessons as a volunteer with us.

Overall, our one-day Seniors Week celebration was a great success thoroughly enjoyed by many. Thank you again to our Community Engagement Manager Haley Kiata and team for hosting the celebration!

Join our 50 & Better Healthy Ageing Programs with a great variety of low-cost activities for residents over 50! Call (07) 3372 1711 or e-mail haley.kiata@ich.org.au today!

WDOHC at Ekka 2016

1 2

 Western Districts Out of Home Care is a foster and kinship care service. We aim to recruit, train and assess foster carers in providing an ideal home environment. We also provide ongoing training and support for foster carers in meeting the ever changing needs of children and young people under their care.

On 9th August 2016 (Tuesday), our Western Districts Out of Home Care team was excited to meet the public at this year’s Ekka or The Royal Queensland Show.

Biggest thank you to Foster Care Queensland with whom we shared the information stall. Our main goal was to ignite public interest in becoming a foster carer, as well as promoting our other Inala Community House services (www.ich.org.au).

3 4

We even had our own photo booth that allowed visitors to snap photos for great fun and memories!

From 9am-7pm, our friendly team greeted the busy Ekka crowds and handed out free goodie bags, information kits and merchandises. We appreciate all of your kind support and interest in becoming foster carers with us!

On the day, we encountered many potential foster carers ranging from young couples, families and even one single mom with a teenage daughter. Foster carers can be single women or men, cohabiting, married or same-sex couples, with or without children, young or old.

We also seek foster carers from different ethnic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds to meet the wide range of needs of our children requiring care.

Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful achievements of our foster carers within our local community. Don’t forget to visit the Foster Care Queensland information stall which is open every day at the Ekka. Please use and follow our hashtags #IFosterCare #FosterCare on social media too.

For any information or queries about becoming a foster or kinship carer, please contact us via phone (07) 3372 1711 or e-mail intake@ich.org.au today.

Come Meet ICH at Ekka!


It is that time of the year again, and Inala Community House is excited to meet the public at this year’s Ekka! Ekka, or The Royal Queensland Show, is Queensland’s largest event that attracts more than 400,000 people through its gates every year.

Along with Foster Care Queensland, our Western Districts Out of Home Care team (http://www.ich.org.au/service-areas/family-services/out-of-home-care/) will hold an exclusive one-day information stall:

Come Meet Us at Ekka!

 DATE: 9 August 2016 (Tuesday)

TIME: 9am-7pm

VENUE: “Gourmet Plaza”, Lower/Ground Level of Royal International Convention Centre (600 Gregory Terrace, Brisbane City QLD 4006)

Western Districts Out of Home Care is a foster and kinship care service. We aim to recruit, train and assess foster carers in providing an ideal home environment. We also provide ongoing training and support for foster carers in meeting the ever changing needs of children and young people under their care.

Our main purpose is to ignite public interest in becoming a foster carer, as well as promoting other Inala Community House service

At Ekka, we will be handing out heaps of free goodie bags, information kits and merchandises. Please come by any time to say “Hi!” and show us your much valued support! Bring along your family and friends too.

For more info, please contact us via phone (07) 3372 1711 or e-mail intake@ich.org.au.

To learn more about becoming a foster or kinship carer: http://www.qld.gov.au/community/caring-child/foster-kinship-care-become-a-carer/

ICH Community Cup

community cup

Inala Community House is excited to introduce our latest community fundraising sports event – ICH Community Cup! All proceeds will go into funding our new program Project Mentor to help youth at risk.


DATES: 29th & 30th October 2016 (Saturday & Sunday)

TIME: Approximately 8am-5pm

VENUE: C.J. Greenfield Park, Richlands Queensland

REGISTRATION FEE: Only $200 per team of 6-10 people

TO REGISTER: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/the-community-cup-tickets-26716992243

ICH Community Cup is a two full-day weekend event open to all ages and backgrounds. We encourage individuals, families and communities to create your own teams and come have fun with us! If you don’t have a team, simply register as an individual player and we will find a team for you!

The main highlight is playing Tri-Ball – which is basically the same as standard volleyball, but with three volleyball nets and three teams playing on the same court, with one ball. Put your motor skills and coordination to test! It doesn’t matter whether you are a volleyball expert or have never played before, we are sure that ICH Community Cup will be a memorable experience for you.


THREE-WAY VOLLEYBALL: Three times the challenge, three times the fun!

There will be other side activities, food and games to keep you fully occupied throughout these two days. Attractive prizes are also up grab for grabs.

project mentor

So what are you waiting for? Come join us, play some volleyball and support a good cause! We look forward to raise enough funds to kick-start Project Mentor – a volunteer mentoring program to make positive impact for youth at risk within our community.


At the same time, we welcome any business sponsorship, ambassadors, endorsements and donations. ICH Community Cup presents a great opportunity for your organisation to gain exposure while making a real difference within our community. We thank you for your support in advance.

Together let’s have a ball of a time!

For any questions or feedback about ICH Community Cup, please contact us:

ICH Community Cup Event Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/the-community-cup-tickets-26716992243

ICH Community Cup Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ICHCommunityCup

Phone Number: (07) 3372 1711

E-mail: communitycup@ich.org.au